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The Holy Trinity Cemetery is located on Franklin Avenue in Dunkirk. Started on land purchased in 1910, the cemetery has a long tradition of rest and peace for the parishioners of Holy Trinity along with friends and neighbors of the community.
There are currently many grave sites and columbarium niches available for preparation of a final resting place.  For more information about the cemetery, please call the rectory at 716-366-2306. (There are also two mausoleum crypts being sold privately – for more information on those, please call 716-785-0446).

The cemetery is beginning our winter preparations. The water will be shut off and the garbage cans will be removed. Please make sure that you remove any items and take them to the dumpster or for your own storage for the winter.

Please Note: Cemetery rules were posted at the beginning of this year. They are listed below. We will be removing any and all unapproved items to ensure the safety of all those who visit or work on the grounds. Items removed will be discarded, so please take this time to remove anything you wish to keep.

Cemetery Rules (for a full set of Cemetery Rules and Guidelines, please come by the parish office at 716-366-2306).  Reminder: ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, GLASS OR CERAMIC CONTAINERS OR FIGURINES OR GRAVEL ARE PERMITTED IN THE CEMETERY. Cemetery personnel have been instructed to remove and discard any prohibited items.
Click here for the general rules. Cemetery Sign Final Revision