2015 Confirmation Choir

2015 Confirmation Choir

The Holy Trinity Choir (4pm Sat. & 8:30am Sun.) is open to anyone wishing to share their musical gifts through song or instrument.  We are approximately 12-15 members who share their talents at either the 4 p.m. Saturday mass or 8:30 a.m. Sunday mass (Radio Mass broadcast on WDOE 1410).  The choir is led by music coordinator, Tonia Piede who also plays the clarinet and flute.  The organist is Evonne Hennebery.  Rehearsals take place on Thursday nights in the church at 6:30.  The Choir also provide the music for Holy days, funerals, and special occasions.  The choir is a fun, supportive, and social group.  AND the choir director often provides tasty treats after rehearsals!

Holy Trinity has started a YOUTH CHOIR. The youth choir performs for many of our special events. Please contact Tonia Piede for more information.

The Holy Trinity Contemporary Choir (11 am, Sun.) is under the direction of Marie and Dadie Sedota.  This choir provides music and meditation not only for the 11 AM mass but also for the annual Contemporary Stations of the Cross during Lent. For more information about joining this group, contact Marie.



Contacting the Music Directors
4:00pm Saturday Tonia Piede 716-366-7954
8:30am Sunday Tonia Piede 716-366-7954
11:00am Sunday Marie Sedota 716 672-5096